3 Cool LEGO® Catapults To Rule Your Kingdom

I’ve been into LEGO® castles since I was a child, having built many over the years big enough to take up a dining room table.  One of the cooler weapons I’ve built over the years to help defend my castles is the good ol’ catapult.  In this post, I’ll go through 3 different catapults that you can build to help defeat the evil king.


First up, we have a simple but cute design, involving a rubber band by 1tucan.  This design doesn’t require many pieces and can be made quite quickly.

The second design by Jarrod TY is a bit more complex, and builds upon the rubber-band design in the first video.  This catapult uses a winding mechanism to reset the launcher.

Finally, we have one of the more complex catapult designs I’ve seen, but one of the best performing – a Da Vinci Catapult by Sariel.  This design uses two axles to propel the launcher instead of rubber bands, and a ratchet mechanism to reset.  A word of warning, the axles used as springs in this design can be permanently bent.

While most LEGO®-based therapy programs are aimed at small children, we run LEGO® build sessions for people aged 15 years and older with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.  During the 10 week program, we’ll be building catapults like the ones (safely) in this article and pitting them against each other.

Contact us for more information on our after school LEGO® build sessions, or click here for more information.

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