3 Super Fast LEGO® Remote Control Cars

When building things that move, I have the desire to make it either as big as possible, or as fast as possible.  In this article, I’ll look to satisfy this need for speed by showing you three of the fastest LEGO® Remote Control Car designs.

The first car we have is a very simple but quick design by Christoph Bartneck that incorporates the bare minimum for power and steering.  This design uses a Power Functions L motor and servo combo.

Next, we have a Rally Car design by ArsMan064, which uses a Power Functions RC Buggy Motor and a Servo.  This design is very fast and sturdy, and can even go down stairs.

The final design by Thomas technic also uses Power Functions motors and servos, and is quite zippy.

While most LEGO®-based therapy programs are aimed at small children, we run LEGO® build sessions for people aged 15 years and older with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.  During the 10 week program, we’ll be building cars like the ones in this article and racing them against each other.

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