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group activities

Autism Employment Accelerator Training Program (formerly Workplace Preparation Toolkit and Job Seeker Program)

The Autism Employment Accelerator aims to help autistic people overcome some of the major obstacles they face when finding employment.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen and experienced first-hand both the difficulties faced by autistic people and benefits they can bring to the workplace.

Based on my own experience, the experience of my clients and through market research, I’ve discovered four major obstacles that are preventing autistic people and developed the Autism Employment Accelerator to provide a foundation to overcome these obstacles:

  • Self-confidence
  • Executive Functioning
  • Communication
  • Anxiety Driven By Uncertainty

Held over 10 weeks, the program will help develop skills in the following areas:

Self confidence, resilience and a general positive mindset are imperative to being successful, not only in the workplace, but life in general. We’ll go through techniques to help build self-confidence and resilience which are essential to being able to achieve anything you put your mind to.

Executive Functioning Skills
The ability to manage one’s time is critical to being able to maintain gainful employment. Setting and working towards goals are also important when it comes to being successful. We’ll cover techniques and work towards implementing systems to help improve executive function.

Communication Skills
Communication can be quite hard for some autistic people. We’ll go through some techniques and hacks to help make communication a little bit easier and more effective.

Job Skills
Not knowing how something works can often be a huge source of anxiety for autistic people. We’ll take an end-to-end look at the job application process, including finding and applying for an actual job and doing an interview role play.

The Autism Employment Accelerator can be delivered over Zoom or in-person at our Learning Hub in Queanbeyan. Custom cohorts can be run with a minimum of 6 participants.

This program can be NDIS funded for self and plan managed participants under the following:

CB – Inc. Social and Comm. Part. Innovative Com. Part. – 09_008_0116_6_3
CB – Finding and Keeping a Job SLES – 10_021_0102_5_3
CB – Improved Daily Living Community Engagement Assistance – 15_045_0128_1_3

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LEGO® Build Sessions
Learn new skills while having fun. Work as part of a team against other teams to build the tallest, fastest, longest or most effective contraptions.

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