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Self++ Mentorship Program

Service Overview

Mentoring is where an experienced individual shares their knowledge, skills and life experience with a young person, encouraging them to unleash their greatest potential. 

The Self++ Mentorship Program helps build the skills and confidence of youth with a disability between the ages of 15 and 25, so they can achieve the level of independence they desire. 

We started this service as we have lived experience of disability and understood the challenges and frustration that participants can have. So we got together and started the program. We have so many examples of where mentoring has resulted in participants achieving their goals such as their employment, accommodation and other self-help skills.

Our services include:

  • Customised Programs (Participant Directed Support)
  • Accommodation Advice
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Work Assistance
  • Budgeting Help
  • Social Access
Supports may be funded via the NDIS plan or through fee for service.

Delivery Strategies

The Self++ Mentorship Program has several different delivery methods to meet the needs of your participants.  Any or all of the delivery methods listed below can be used throughout the program.

Weekly One-on-one Mentoring Sessions

  • Sessions are structured to build the skills and mindset required to achieve the desired goals
  • Opportunity to ask questions around building skills
  • Sessions can be done with or without a carer/representative
  • Alternative delivery methods, such as Telehealth, can be arranged as required

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions

  • Multiple participants join an online conference call
  • Participants take turns asking one question about an issue they are trying to overcome
  • All call participants can listen to the advice being given

Online Support Communities

  • The Self++ Facebook Page provides general hints and tips, inspiration and humour
  • The Self++ Support Network is a safe environment where participants can ask questions,  request support, or offer support.  Participants or providers in the group can also provide referrals to other services.

Online Training Material

  • Recordings of weekly and monthly webinars
  • Video content based on previous mentoring sessions
  • Custom video content requested by participants

Arts and Craft Sessions

  • Individual or group sessions to help build motor skills
  • Materials to be included as required

Email and Telephone Program Assistance

  • First point of contact for program related support, feedback, or disputes


Self++ has empowered people to improve their lives by helping them:

  • Build resilience through a positive mindset
  • Improve their day-to-day living skills
  • Connect with other like-minded people

Ethan, 16

Prior to working with Jonathan, I didn’t really want to do anything but play video games all day, and I struggled a lot with reading, writing and counting.  Over the past year and half, I have found a job I love doing that has also helped me improve my reading, writing and counting skills.  I am now at the point where my boss can go interstate and leave me to pack orders by myself with minimal help.

Our Mentors

Self++ mentors have a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise. Each mentor goes through a thorough screening process and also receives ongoing training and support so they can provide the highest level of service.

When matching a one-on-one mentor to a participant, we use the following criteria to ensure the best match:

  • Skills and experience
  • Personality compatibility
  • Mentor availability
  • Gender restrictions (e.g. a male mentor will not be matched with a female participant)

Below are the profiles of some of the mentors participating in the Self++ program:

Mentorship Program Details

Jonathan Laloz

Chief Executive Officer, Mentor

Jonathan has worked in numerous industries over the past 20 years, and has experience as an employer in both the public service and private enterprise.

Jonathan’s areas of expertise are Accommodation Advice, Budgeting Help and Work Assistance.

Tamara Laloz

Arts and Crafts Program Coordinator, Mentor

Tamara has over 20 year’s experience as a parent, and has also helped manage several businesses over the years. She is a qualified personal care assistant and is currently working towards a Cert III in Community Service.

Tam’s areas of expertise include Personal Mentoring and Social Access.

Mentorship Program

Doris Blowers

Mentoring Program Coordinator, Mentor

Doris has almost 20 year’s experience as a parent, and has also run several small businesses in that time. Having two sons participating in the NDIS has given Doris a wealth of experience on how the system works. Doris is also currently working towards a Cert III in Community Service.

Doris’ areas of expertise are NDIS Access, Personal Mentoring and Social Access.

The Process

If you know a participant who you think may be suitable for the program, the participant, their representative, or a service provider can fill in an expression of interest form at

Participants are encouraged to have other service providers or their carer or representative involved in the process.

Once we have their details, one of our program coordinators will get in touch with them to start the process:

1. Initial Contact

A program coordinator will meet with the participant to get an idea of the issues they are facing and determine the suitability of the program for them.  If the participant is suitable, we’ll ask them to sign a consent form and ask to get a copy of their NDIS plan.  While we require the plan in order to provide the highest level of service, if they do not wish to provide a copy, they don’t have to.

2. Build a Proposal

Once we have a better understanding of the participant’s requirements, we’ll develop a proposal based on their goals, needs and capabilities, which will also form the basis of our Service Agreement.

3. Develop a Service Agreement

Upon acceptance of the proposal by the participant, Self++ will then tailor a Service Agreement to their needs.  Once the Service Agreement is signed, we will liaise with the plan manager then schedule the first mentoring session.

4. Program Orientation

The first mentoring session is used for program orientation and to further develop a strategy based on the goals listed in the proposal.   The participant will also receive assistance in setting up other delivery methods of the program, such as the Group Mentoring Session and Online Support Communities.

5. Ongoing Mentoring and Support

Weekly mentoring sessions and support networks allow participants to work towards their goals.  Progress is recorded for the duration of the program.

6. Review

At the end of each quarter, a review takes place to track the participant’s progresss.  The program can be adjusted, if required; or if the participant has met their goals they can either work on a new area of independence, leave the program, or become a peer mentor to help other participants in the program.

Get Started

If you know of someone who might benefit from the Self++ Mentorship Program, or if you are interested yourself, use the link below to submit an Expression of Interest, and get the ball rolling today…

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