How can your purpose and values help you find a job?

Before looking for a job, you should have a rough idea of what you’d like to do. Any job you consider applying for should be able to earn you enough money, fit into your lifestyle and be fulfilling to you.

In order for a job to be fulfilling, the work you are doing must not conflict with your values.  Values are the things that are the most important to you, and define how you behave. Success, in your own mind, is defined by your core values, and aligning what you do with your values should create a state of happiness and fulfilment.

While your values may change over time as you move through the different stages of life, they don’t usually change too much. As you start out in your career you might value money above all other things and be happy to work long hours.  However, if you start a family these values might change, along with your career preferences. As you get older, you may also start to value your health more, making decisions based on leading a healthier lifestyle.

For example, someone who has family as one of their core values would benefit from working in a job that allows them the extra time to spend with their loved ones and the flexibility to take time out to tend to family matters when needed. In contrast, a job where they have to work long hours is likely to lead to a high level of stress and discomfort.

Everyone on this planet has a purpose in life, however many of us have not found that purpose yet, and some of us may never do so. Our purpose is what keeps us going when things gets difficult, and provides a beacon to guide us through life’s many choices.

Your life’s purpose is closely linked to your core values and passion, and should be the focus of any goals you set and decisions you make, including finding a job. The reason for this is that your purpose is what drives you, and the energy you get from being internally motivated is one of the most powerful things to help you be successful in life.

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