Think Different Win Big

Harnessing the Power of Neurodiversity in Your Workplace

About The Book

Ready to unlock the power of neurodiversity and gain a competitive edge? “Think Different, Win Big” is the essential guide for employers looking to harness the power of neurodiversity in their workplace. This groundbreaking book offers practical strategies for recruiting, onboarding, managing, and retaining neurodiverse employees, such as those with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia.

Discover some of the unique strengths and abilities that neurodiverse individuals bring to the table, such as increased innovation, creativity, and problem-solving ability. “Think Different, Win Big” offers insights into challenges that neurodiverse employees may face in the workplace and provides tips for creating an environment that supports their success.

Gain a competitive edge by building a more inclusive and diverse workplace that leverages the power of neurodiversity. “Think Different, Win Big” provides a fresh perspective on talent recruitment and retention, offering real-world examples and practical tips that can help companies achieve success and create a more inclusive and innovative workplace.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is an expert in the field of autism employment and Australian keynote speaker and has spent two decades overcoming many hardships associated with being autistic. This has led him to a career where he helps neurodiverse individuals thrive in the workplace and organisations benefit from the competitive advantages that neurodivergent minds offer.

In 2019 Jonathan started Self Plus Plus where he leads a team of support workers and coaches to help autistic people gain a better quality of life. In this role, he and his team have trained and coached dozens of people to develop the skills and confidence required to succeed in the workplace.

Jonathan enjoys sharing his secrets on how the neurodivergent mind functions that have helped dozens of organisations achieve success they never thought possible. Jonathan has a Master of Information Technology in Business Informatics where his research focused on using IT to deliver organisational benefits, which has been adapted to the field of neurodiversity in his current role.

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