Autistic People Can Thrive in the Workplace

“The Incredibly True Story of Ethan Finding His Calling – And How You Can Too!”

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Finding your dream job doesn’t have to be hard -- if you know the secret of self-belief…

Hello Fellow Autie,

Ethan is someone a lot like you, or you may be the carer of someone like Ethan…

He has been diagnosed with autism and some of the other lovely comorbidities that go with it, and was at a point where he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life.  He’d spend all night playing video games and all day sleeping.

And like you, he struggled to find a job that fulfilled him.

Maybe you can relate…

Ethan tried to get a job by winging it on his own, with a bit of help from mum every now and then.  He applied for a job online.  He even had help from a Disability Employment Service, but yet he still couldn’t find a job he actually liked doing.

But then Ethan made a marvellous discovery that changed everything…

On a whim, he accepted a job at his mum’s friend’s Lego store.  And what happened next was absolutely astounding…

He found something he liked doing!

Ethan was cautious at first, thinking it was all a fluke. But he got better and better at his job, and his self-confidence grew. And even better, he was doing things that his psychologist previously thought would be impossible.

Fast forward three years, and Ethan has found an even better job. Finally, he was getting the sort of results that had eluded him for so long!

So, what was this marvellous discovery that allowed him to get a great job?

Simple: Ethan used the secrets of getting his dream job that he learned about while undertaking the Autism Employment Accelerator.

Now before you think Ethan’s dream job was a fluke, I can assure you it’s not.  Take a look…

Just look at what others are saying about the Autism Employment Accelerator and the amazing results they’re getting…

"The methods taught in this training series have really set the foundation for my successful career and have played a key role in getting me to where I am today."
"The time management strategies I learned have changed my entire life, not just my career. I can now plan ahead without getting too overwhelmed."
"It's one thing to get help with my self-confidence, but to have it tailored to benefit people with autism takes everything to a whole new level!"

Autism Employment Accelerator: Find your dream job and build self-confidence

This program is designed to prepare you for success in the workplace. It’s different from other courses, because it has been developed by a PhD and reviewed by an occupational therapist.

Here’s what you get:

✅ You’ll get a simple 5-step secret job seeking formula – this is the same formula countless others have used to find their calling, and now you can too!

✅ You’ll discover a little-known way to find a career path that fulfils you!

✅ You’ll find out why self-limiting beliefs are creating bad results for you – and what you need to do to help overcome them!

✅ You’ll find out what successful people do when they want to achieve a goal – and how you can do the same thing to get great results.

✅ You’ll learn the 4 tips and tricks for managing time – these are going to make your whole life, not just work,  a whole lot easier!

✅  You’ll find out the 3 most common mistakes that make you lose track of time, and what to do instead to be a high performer in the workplace.

✅ You’ll discover 5 dos and don’ts that will transform the way you think about yourself!

✅  You’ll find out which 4 questions to ask yourself before you even start looking for a job.

✅  You’ll get a framework that makes it faster and easier than ever to set and achieve goals – you’ll wonder how you ever managed!

Next Intake Starts May 5, 2022

Enrolments for the next intake of the Autism Employment Accelerator open soon.  The program lasts 10 weeks and all sessions are done over Zoom.

Fill in the form below to get notified as soon as enrolments open.  We’re limiting this intake to only 20 people, so be one of the first to get notified so you don’t miss out!

The total cost of the program is $1,776 (ex GST) and may be claimed by self and plan managed NDIS participants (who are not subject to GST).


 If you have any questions about the Autism Employment Accelerator, please contact us on (02) 5104 3356 or via email at [email protected]


Blue Skies,

Jonathan Laloz

CEO Self Plus Plus

P.S. Imagine waking up one morning soon to a job you love doing, just like Ethan.

It’s possible, and you don’t have to imagine it. All you have to do is take the first step and get notified above.